Night and weekend menu




◆ ◘ melon rice of celery and prawns with "chimichurri"

* Homemade cod croquettes

◘ raviolis of beef carpaccio, with mushroom tart and pistachio vinaigrette

◆ * cherry gazpacho with sprigs, goat's cheese and mascarpone

☛ * ◆ tomato heart beef with cream cheese and basil

* "Bigoli" of fresh pasta with egg at 64º and fresh raspberry truffle

* squid casserole to the sailor

◘ pad thai with prawns and vegetables with red curry (spicy)

Lobster salad with cherries, ham and mint vinaigrette

▬amanida exotic, red tuna with raspberry vinaigrette

✭ * shrimp carpaccio with vinaigrette of cepas

* season of prawns with yakisoba sauce and ginger

✭ostró de "Guillardeau" with sea urchin meat and flying fish caviar 6 units (3 € sup)

◊ous truffles with potatoes and ham (ecological eggs of Casa Pallareta)




* steak beef tart with a few dices of armagnac (chopped by hand)

✭◘ rice with chilies and clams with allioli (min.2 people)

Red tuna tataki with wasabi and soy sauce

* Maxi-burguer de vedella del Berguedà "Cal Armenter" (200gr.)

Rice with mushroom soup and prawns with vegetables

Bull's tail with mushrooms (egg yolks, radish and mushrooms)

(fish of the day) supreme hake to donostiarra

red tuna loin with licorice, sauces, lime and black vermouth

* Couscous "paella" with prawns, cod and clams

◆ * cod loin with concassite tomato and ecological quinoa black risotto

◘ Black rice mussel with rock mussels and all-i-oil

✭◘ seaworthy seamstress with obstacles



✭◘ lobster broth rice 300 gr (€ 5)

veal entrecote on the slab with "arrugas papas" and mojo picón verde (sup.2'50 €)

Rice rock and shrimp rice (€ 5)

Veal steak to taste (sup 6 €)

rap trunk in the burnt area (€ 3)



dessert, bread, wine or soda


€ 29.60 (VAT included)


(every Tuesday glass of cava in the menu and on Thursday seafood paella)

* Gluten-free dishes

◆ Plates with lactose

◘ dishes with nuts and peanuts

✭Molluscs and shellfish products.